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Akula Tech specialises in research and product development for emerging aerospace and green energy technologies.

Matching demand with expertise

The call for engineering solutions across aerospace and green energy is only growing. Akula Tech’s specialist approach and expertise is meeting this demand.

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    Our expert team of engineers work to test and develop new ideas and capabilities within the aerospace and satellite industries.
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    From leading the transition to clean energy through to designing for the harshness of space, we’re shaping the technologies of tomorrow.
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Consumer Electronics

Akula Tech’s consumer electronics group researches and develops high-performing, high-value intuitive products for home and commercial use.

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Driving change in Australian engineering

We’re driven by a core desire to expand Australia’s engineering credentials and capabilities on the world stage. From the energy systems we’ll rely on in the future through to the intricacies and demands of aerospace engineering, Akula Tech is at the forefront of this shift.

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Explore. Collaborate. Test. That’s how we transform ideas into solutions.

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